Illuminate your stained glass windows on Friday night November 20th!

Turn on the lights! Will you help us to put the Statenkwartier in the spotlight?

Stained Glass evening

In connection with the 100 years of Statenkwartier, on Friday November 22nd we organize a festive evening around all the beautiful stained glass in our neighbourhood. We would like as many people as possible to enjoy this special cultural heritage in the Statenkwartier during this event.

Turn on the lights!

To ensure the evening will be a success it is essential that as many residents as possible illuminate their stained glass properly. So turn on the lights or put lamps in the rooms behind it en open the curtains. By asking this of all residents of the Statenkwartier we put the stained glass in our neighbourhood “in the spotlight” on that evening. Our motto is “You are proud of your stained glass, we are proud of you”. Because you can help us to make this evening a success!

poster GIL avondContest

There will also be a contest on that evening, you can participate in. The challenge is:

Who presents his/her stained glass the most attractively ?

So use your imagination, creativity and inventiveness: special illumination, a red carpet, tea lights, flags, lanterns and so on. Every idea which will make this evening as festive as possible is welcomed!

There is an official jury and the public can also vote. There are various attractive prizes to win. When you register for the contest (see the mail address below), you’ll have a bigger chance to win a prize. The award ceremony will take place on the closing night of the 100 Years of Statenkwartier celebration on Saturday, November 28th.

The official jury will award two prices:

First price is a unique stained glass object designed by Kaatje en Zoon stained glass studio.

Second price is a gift box of Chox with a value of 25 Euro.

The public award is a gift box of Plasman with a value of 25 Euro.

You can enter the contest by sending an email to Please put the word “Contest” and your address (Street and house number) in the title bar of your email and put your name and telephone number in the email itself.

Guided walks, hot chocolate and mulled wine

We will invite as many people as possible to come and admire the beautiful stained glass in our neighbourhood that evening. People have the opportunity to take a walk by themselves, using a map that will be provided, but there will also be guided walks. Chox and Plasman tearooms in the Frederik Hendriklaan will be open that evening to serve hot chocolate and mulled wine (glühwein).

Other activities

It is good to know that we will organize several other activities for free during the same period:

* Wednesday evening November 11th (Sint Maarten) a procession of Chinese lanterns by children of the neighbourhood

* Friday evening November 13th a lecture about stained glass by a local art historian in the Couvéehuis, Frankenslag 139

* Tuesday evening November 17th a demonstration of making stained glass in the Couvéehuis, Frankenslag 139.

Keep an eye on the website for all the festivities (Tip: register for the digital newsletter) en on the posters (corner Fred/Statenlaan), and note the days mentioned above in your diary.


If you do not intend to participate in the competition, but do plan to illuminate your stained glass, it would be very helpful if you would send us an email to let us know that your windows will be illuminated that evening. That way we can better inform the guides and public. In that case, please send an email to . Put your adress (Street and house number) in the title bar of the email. Also, please put your name in the email itself (telephone number is optional).

Do you have neighbours with attractive stained glass? Please ask them to light their windows that evening. Spread the word!

Together we will make this a festive evening to be remembered!


The organisation committee: Francis van der Hout, Rogier Bekkers, Maarten Ruijters, Jacintha van Beveren, Heleen Naber, Karing van den Broek.

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