The Meet & Greet event organized for internationals in the Statenkwartier on April 17, 2024, was a resounding success. The evening was marked by enthusiasm, camaraderie, and a strong sense of community. Attendees expressed a keen interest in organizing similar events in the future and were eager to connect with their international neighbors.


Attendees were welcomed by Beatrix Hartkamp and provided with name tags and color codes to facilitate group formation for the activities.

Despite the already vibrant atmosphere and spontaneous connections among attendees from the start, the icebreaker session, facilitated by Sarah Feid from The Hague International Centre, provided an additional avenue for participants to familiarize themselves.

Under the guidance of Susan Bergson and Jolanda Letterie, the brainstorming session unfolded dynamically and productively. Attendees, grouped around four tables with a guiding question, enthusiastically penned down a plethora of innovative ideas on the tablecloths. See Input from Internationals

Lisa Lindenskov and Morgan Lautredoux expertly manned the bar, ensuring that delicious bites from Tartine Bakery were served to the crowd, enhancing the social ambiance of the event.

Ottilie Cools diligently recorded feedback and captured memorable moments throughout the evening, providing valuable insights into attendee experiences and preferences.

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