‘LED to Fred’ due to start Saturday 17 September at Bosman Wijnkopers

In September 2016, Energy Area Statenkwartier (BES) and Energy Guards launched a new project LED TO FRED. This initiative will run until December 2016. The two organisations have teamed up to cover both the residents and local business in the area. BES will focus on the residents in the Statenkwartier, Energy Guards will approach all retailers on thelodfred-logo Fred to talk about the advantages of LED lighting and its possibilities. Any investment lighting provides a great return. LED is also the best energy efficiency measure that can be taken. In addition, LED bulbs are now indistinguishable from traditional bulbs. They are energy efficient, long-lasting and do not get hot.

How can I get involved?

Come along to Fred Bosman Wijnkopers at Frederik Hendriklaan 251 between 12 to 17 hours. Bring a light bulb from home. You can compare it immediately with a new LED lamp. If you are interested, you will receive LED lighting advice. Lights can be purchased at one of the collection points: Van der Bol – Willem de Zwijgerlaan 33, Ad Schilperoort – Fred 101, Handyman – Fred 78. These providers have a wide range of LED lamps and will be happy to help you. Consulting hours are also on the Saturdays 29 October, 19 November and 10 December.

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Solutions to sustainable living

BES’intention is to prepare, together with the local residents, the Statenkwartier for the year 2040. The municipality of The Hague aims to be carbon neutral. Hence, BES stimulates initiatives to arrive at sustainable and comfortable dwellings. BES activities are run by volunteers without any commercial goal. For the latest news or subscription please visit www.buurtenergiestatenkwartier.nl.

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