Guided walks through the Statenkwartier on Sunday, September 13

In the light of the 100th anniversary of the Statenkwartier we’re organizing free guided walks through our neighbourhood this summer. The walks on Sunday-afternoon, September 13, will be guided in English, especially for our foreign residents and visitors.

Door: Francis van der Hout

On these walks you will learn about the various architectural styles of the Statenkwartier. The guides will draw your attention to all the beautiful and sometimes quirky details of the houses and villas. And of course we will tell you about the history of this neighbourhood and its residents throughout the century.

For this afternoon we have lined up several enthusiastic and experienced guides. They all live in the Statenkwartier and have wonderful stories to share with you.

We hope you will join us this afternoon and that you will enjoy our lovely and historic Statenkwartier!

Detailed information

Date: September 13
Starting time: 14.00 (2 PM)
Duration: about 1,5 hour
Departure: at the intersection of de Frederik Hendriklaan and the Statenlaan (near the benches of The Kleine Staat)
Number of participants: maximum of 12 per group
Charge: Free!
Sign up: yes please, to avoid disappointments (both for participants and guides)
E-mail address:
Required information: your name, number of participants, telephone-number (preferably mobile)
Bad weather: if the weather is very bad, the walks will be cancelled by the guides (this will be decided on the day itself; you will be informed)

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