Future Force Conference World Forum 7th until 10th of February: attention for limitations

Beginning on Tuesday, the 7th of February the World Forum will host the Future Force Conference. This conference will run until Friday, the 10th of February. During the Conference, the area immediately surrounding the World Forum and the Novotel will be closed off with barricades but there will be an entry gate in front of the main entrance of the Novotel.

Between the 7th and the 10th of February, the Active Club Den Haag and the Novotel will be open; however, you can only enter with an ID card such as a driver’s license or passport.



The parking garage at the World Form/Novotel will be closed from Tuesday, the 7th of February at 00:00 hours (midnight) and will reopen on Saturday, the 11th of February at 00:00 hours (midnight). On these days, parking will be available at the Marriott Hotel free of charge to the members of the Active Club Den Haag. Please mention when you are parking at the Marriott that you are a member or visitor of the Active Club in the Novotel. From the Marriott to the Active Club is about 300 meters.

More information about the conference: http://futureforceconference.com

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