June 6: Meditation and Talk by Phra Ajahn Dr. Vimokkha

Discover the profound teachings of Ajahn Vimokkha as he guides you on a journey inward to explore the true nature of the mind.


Meditation and talk by Ajahn Vimokkha “Turning Inwards and Seeing into Nature of Mind” (in English)

A pragmatic approach to the nature of mind will be demonstrated by Ven. Dr. Vimokkha. First, the Venerable will show how to go inwards in the practice of Samatha (concentration) and Vipassana (insight) and thus to develop clear knowing and seeing into the nature of mind. With a very simple explanation of Venerable’s techniques into the practice, one also can develop seeing into the nature of mind even in daily life’s work and activities.

Bring your own yoga mat and/or pillow.


June 6 at 9-10 AM


Couvéehuis (Frankenslag 139)


Send mail to ontmoet@statenkwartier.net


Phra Ajahn Dr. Vimokkha holds a Doctorate (PhD) in Buddhism from Mahachulalongkom University and is the Abbot of Wat Pipphalivanaram, a Thai forest monastery founded by the Great Master Kassapamuni in Rayong Province, Thailand. He received training from some of Thailand’s most renowned Buddhist masters and has developed his own techniques through years of practice and exploration.



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