Buddy System for International Newcomers

Connecting Newcomers with Experienced Residents

Moving to a new neighborhood, especially in a foreign country, can be a challenging experience. To help international newcomers feel at home in Statenkwartier, the Statenkwartier Internationals working group, an initiative of Stichting Wijkoverleg Statenkwartier (neighborhood council), has launched a Buddy System.

What is the Buddy System?

The Buddy System is designed to pair international newcomers with long-term residents of Statenkwartier. This program aims to create a supportive network that fosters community integration and cultural exchange. Whether you’re a newcomer looking for guidance or an established resident eager to share your knowledge, the Buddy System is an excellent way to connect and build meaningful relationships.

How Does it Work?

  1. Sign Up: Fill out a simple form indicating whether you are a newcomer seeking a buddy or a resident willing to be a buddy.
  2. Pairing: Based on your preferences and information, we will pair newcomers with suitable buddies.
  3. Connect: Once paired, buddies can meet up, share experiences, and support each other in navigating the neighborhood and local culture.

Why Participate?

  • For Newcomers: Gain a friendly guide to help you settle in, understand local customs, and discover the best places in Statenkwartier.
  • For Residents: Share your experience, help newcomers feel welcome, and make new friends from diverse backgrounds.

Ready to Join?

Please fill out this form to participate or click the button below:


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