Lantern parade Friday November 11th

On Friday November 11th, Saint Martin’s day is celebrated.
It is a traditional Dutch feast.
Young children parade through the street with selfmade lanterns.
They ring at the houses along the route, singing little songs at the doors, hoping for candy.

All the children of the Statenkwartier and their parents are invited to join or to watch the parade. Lees verder

Statenkwartier Christmas goodness

I just went for a Sunday morning walk and saw things around the Statenkwartier that made my heart explode. Now, the Fred blows me away every time. It’s so sparkly, full of good energy and it even smells like Christmas. Lees verder

Stained glass route Friday evening November 20th 19:00-22:00

The “Grand Final” of the Light week in the Statenkwartier

Statenkwartier: open air museum for stained glass

When it comes to stained glass, the Statenkwartier can be considered as one large open-air museum. There is a huge diversity in styles, colours, and techniques. This is due to the fact that the Statenkwartier was built at the beginning of the 20th century, a period in which the use of stained glass in residential buildings was very fashionable. Lees verder

Illuminate your stained glass windows on Friday night November 20th!

Turn on the lights! Will you help us to put the Statenkwartier in the spotlight?

Stained Glass evening

In connection with the 100 years of Statenkwartier, on Friday November 22nd we organize a festive evening around all the beautiful stained glass in our neighbourhood. We would like as many people as possible to enjoy this special cultural heritage in the Statenkwartier during this event.

Turn on the lights!

To ensure the evening will be a success it is essential that as many residents as possible illuminate their stained glass properly. So turn on the lights or put lamps in the rooms behind it en open the curtains. Lees verder



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