Walking Dinner Statenkwartier and Geuzenkwartier: subscription prolonged!

On 23 March 2019 the 10th Walking Dinner will take place in our neighborhood. We celebrate this special fact with eating the dessert together in the Couvéehouse, Frankenslag 139, The Hague. The chefs will cook the starter and the main in their own house.

Join if you would like to meet new neighbours and if you enjoy good food and company. Good news: you can subscribe until March 8. This means the subscription has been prolonged!

How does the Walking Dinner work?

After an explanation of the program in the Couvéehouse, guests go to two different addresses in the neighborhood to enjoy a starter and a main course with neighbours at home. The chefs cook the starter and the main in their own kitchen. And with each course a new group of guests is sitting at the table. Chefs can indicate for themselves how large the group may be for which they cook. Groups consist of 4 to 6 people, but more is also possible. Chefs and their partners are at the table with their guests. All chefs receive a fee per guest for the ingredients and the wine.

We jointly conclude the evening in the Couvéehouse. Chefs and guests can then have a chat and enjoy the dessert.

For the chefs: ‘Haute Cuisine’ is not required, only a joy of cooking and the pleasure of welcoming people into your home.
For the guests: After an hour the guests leave again (walking ..) to another chef for the next course (dinner ..) with different fellow guests. Guests enjoy a surprise meal and in the meantime get a look in two different houses.

Practical information

  • Cost per participating guest: € 30, – all-in.
  • Guests have to live in the Statenkwartier and Geuzenkwartier
  • Guests will pick up their ‘Walking route’ from 5.30 pm in the Couvéehouse
  • Cost per participating chef: € 0, -. Every chef puts together his own menu and does the shopping for it. The organization has organized discount agreements with various retailers in the neighborhood.
  • Chefs live in the neighborhood and open their home for the guests that evening.
  • The cooks receive a fixed compensation from the organization for the cost of the meal of

€ 10, – per guest per course (2 courses this year), including drinks.

  • Cooks receive the first guests at 6.30 pm and the last guests leave at approximately

21.00 pm.

Sign up as a CHEF:

If you wish to sign up as a chef log on “Registration Cook WalkingDinner Statenkwartier and Geuzenkwartier” .

Sign up as a GUEST:

If you wish to sign up as a guest log on “Registration as Guest Walking Dinner Statenkwartier and Geuzenkwartier”.

The registration period closes on Friday 1 March 2019. Full is full!

We look forward to seeing you around the dinner table,

The organizing committee Walking Dinner Statenkwartier.

Walking Dinner Saturday March 24, subscribe now!

This year the “Walking Dinner Statenkwartier and Geuzenkwartier” takes place for the ninth time. Every pair of people in the Statenkwartier and Geuzenkwartier can participate as chefs or as guests. The date for the Walking Dinner Statenkwartier and Geuzenkwartier is set : Saturday March 24, 2018. Lees verder

Future Force Conference World Forum 7th until 10th of February: attention for limitations

Beginning on Tuesday, the 7th of February the World Forum will host the Future Force Conference. This conference will run until Friday, the 10th of February. During the Conference, the area immediately surrounding the World Forum and the Novotel will be closed off with barricades but there will be an entry gate in front of the main entrance of the Novotel. Lees verder

Walking Dinner Saturday March 11: subscribe now!

It is with great pleasure that we look back on the successful previous Walking Dinner Statenkwartier. We will remember it for lots of lovely cooking, eating, drinking, walking and chatting. New contacts were made and friendships born. An interesting mix of old and new Statenkwartier residents and expats. We have now set a new date for the next Walking Dinner Statenkwartier: Saturday March 11, 2017. Lees verder



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